therapeutic SERVICES



Individual therapy means different things to different people. At its core, it means you and I will work together, one-on-one, to address whatever it is that you’re seeking support around.

Here are some things we can work on in individual therapy:
•    Developing self-awareness – of body, identity, values, needs, desires, wants, dislikes
•    Developing a system of self-love and self-care
•    Uncovering and addressing trauma
•    Shifting patterns that no longer serve us
•    Building better relationships
•    Getting unstuck, finding focus, exploring desires, and setting plans
•    Moving through difficult times
•    Addressing depression and anxiety

What to expect:
First, we’ll meet for a consultation. This is a time for us to chat and see if you’re interested in working with me. If you are, we’ll decide on the plan that works best for you, find a time to meet, and begin our work together. No pressure, no mandatory lying on couches – unless you feel like it!