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FOR THERAPISTS: Case Consultation & Trainings


I offer case consultation for therapists seeking support around working with queer and trans individuals. I’m available for consultation services in both short- and longer-term capacities, and additionally offer trainings for group practices seeking to expand their services for queer and trans individuals. Please contact me for training samples, references, and/or further information.



I offer a host of educational workshops around sex and sexuality for students and therapists in the Southeastern Pennsylvania region. I’m interested in working with you and your group to tailor content to your specific needs and interests – feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas! Facilitator’s Note: These workshops are trans and queer inclusive, steer away from gendered language and anatomical assumptions, and recognize how systems of oppression impact sexual norms, generate shame and stigma, and interrupt access to safer sex information and supplies.

Sample workshops include:

Safer Sex, Sexier Sex. For Every Body.
Can you practice safer sex and still keep your sex life smoking hot? Of course you can! This workshop will cover safer sex fundamentals, including: barrier methods, lubing up for safety and pleasure, sex toy basics, the ins and outs of anatomy, risk reduction methods, and much more. Take note: This workshop is not about what you should or shouldn’t be doing in bed! Instead, we’ll focus on developing the tools you need to make informed choices about what you can incorporate into your sexual repertoire to make sure your sex life suits you, your pleasure, and your health.

Yes Means Yes, No Means No, WTF Does That Wink Mean?
Consent may seem like a simple concept - yes means yes, no means no. But in reality, practicing good consent can be a bit more complicated. What words do I use? How do I say no? How do I deal with rejection? How do I know if someone consents? How long does consent last? How do I ask for what I want without putting pressure on my partner? Can I actually make consent sexy (Yes!)? This workshop will support participants in navigating the nuances and power dynamics (such as gender, race, and age) that can affect how we ask for and give consent. We’ll explore the vulnerabilities inherent in asking for and giving consent, and practice asking for and giving consent in ways that are comfortable and clear. And finally, we’ll learn about how practicing good consent means practicing better communication – and how better communication means better sex!

Boundary Setting
“Set boundaries” can sound like a tired directive - cold, clinical, a closing off of possibilities. Boundaries aren’t sexy. If I love someone, I should give them my all, right? Despite what Disney might tell you, boundaries are not actually about locking someone out. Instead, they’re about creating sexual and/or romantic relationships where we can show up fully as ourselves – and retain our selves. In this workshop, we will explore the ways that social norms around boundary-less sexual and/or romantic relationships create expectations that often do not serve our needs, but rather cause disappointment, distrust, resentment and even fear. We will reclaim boundary setting as an act of caring for ourselves and, ultimately, others. Participants will have an opportunity to reflect on and explore their own sexual and/or romantic boundaries and practice how to communicate them effectively to build relationships that take care of you.

Polyamory & Open Relationships
Non-monogamous relationships are for commitment-phobes. You can’t be polyamorous and hold a serious relationship. Open relationships are all about sex. You’ve probably heard it all. But in actuality, polyamorous and open relationships require a lot of commitment (to partners and process), and a lot of communication. And, unlike monogamous relationships, non-monogamy doesn’t exactly come with pre-determined rules or roles. So we get to create our own! This workshop provides an entry point to navigating the (sometimes rocky) terrain of non-monogamy - tackling common challenges such as managing jealousy, communicating needs and wants, and creating relationship agreements that work for all partners. Participants will be introduced to some of the many different forms of non-monogamy, and will have the opportunity to dream up and practice the process of designing sustainable, fun(!), and loving non-monogamous relationships.

Curious about Kink? An Introduction to Kink & BDSM
Diving into the world of kink can feel intimidating, but understanding the basics can help navigating the expansive world of kink feel not just possible, but exciting! This introductory workshop will explore the foundations of fun, sexy, risk-aware, consensual kink and BDSM. We’ll discuss the many motivations for engaging with kink and BDSM and challenge the stigma associated with these practices. Participants will be introduced to basic kink terminology, identities, and practices and explore some handy toys and equipment.  We’ll go over how to set up safer, sexy, kinky scenes, with particular emphasis on safer kink practices including consent, scene negotiation, technique and aftercare. Participants will leave feeling more confident in their foundational knowledge of kink and with the tools and resources necessary to continue to explore kink and BDSM in a risk-aware, consensual, and fun way!