therapeutic SERVICES



Relationship therapy covers a whole lot of territory. Basically, relationship therapy is a tool to support you and your relationship partner(s) in identifying barriers to intimacy, reconciling differences, or expanding the nature of your relationship.

Here are some things we can work on in relationship therapy:
•    Improving communication
•    Rebuilding trust and emotional intimacy
•    Rebuilding sexual intimacy
•    Navigating non-monogamy
•    Exploring sex and sexuality
•    Working through conflict
•    Working through changes in relationship dynamics or environment
•    Negotiating boundaries that suit everyone
•    Discussing differing needs and compatibility

What to expect:
First, all of us will meet together to discuss your goals and see if it’s a good fit. After that, we’ll meet separately to make sure everyone is on the same page, and to give me a chance to hear a bit about what each of you is individually seeking. After that, we’ll decide on a plan that works for you and set a time. Though most of our work will be together, there will be times where it’s important for us to meet separately.